We specialise in the production of high voltage electrical components using vacuum encapsulation with epoxy and polyurethane resins. 

Our products typically work in high voltage environments up to 450kV.


Encapsulating components using epoxy resin, urethane, and silicone systems.

We have excellent experience in vacuum encapsulation using thermal and room temperature curing epoxy systems which offer excellent dielectric properties, typically 17kVmm, high thermal dissipation performance, low thermal expansion co-efficient and dimensional stable tolerances of <250µm these properties are excellent for components such as:

High Voltage Transformers 30kV-600kV
High Voltage Power Supplies
High Voltage insulators
Motor/Stator windings
Marine Applications


Cast components using epoxy resin, urethane and silicone systems Aside encapsulation West-Tek also carry out resin casting to produce insulating bodies, non-critical structures, Isolating bushes, Bespoke insulating compression washers. Depending on end use these parts can be produced using vacuum casting methods or standard open cast methods.

Mould Tool Design

Utilising CAD and 3D design software

We use the latest software to assist us with designing bespoke mould tool solutions to encapsulate parts and the development of assembly jigs and fixtures as required to facilitate operations.

Mould Tool Manufacture

Capable machine shop incorporating CNC machines and market leading software solutions West-Tek have an in-house machine shop to enable us to produce mould tools and finish components to customer specifications. Having an in-house machine shop enables West-Tek maintain tighter control on production and enables us to respond quickly to customer demand or requirement.

Rapid Prototype

3D printing to assist in low cost mould tool solutions for first offs. 3D printing is enabling West-Tek to produce low cost mould tools for small or scale first off production for customer approval or for producing non-critically dimensioned castings for low cost parts, our current capability allows us to produce parts up to 200mm3

Component Assembly

West-Tek have a highly skilled team of assembly technicians for building sub-components required for encapsulation including coil winding and IPC trained operators for soldering of critical components allowing us to work within the Aerospace and other demanding industries.

E.S.D Designated Areas

To assist in encapsulation or assembly of static sensitive components. During our incorporation the introduction of casting and handling static sensitive components has increased due to customer requirement, to take on this challenge West-Tek invested into an E.S.D controlled area incorporated into the production facility.